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hello MAY 🌺

Hello everybody & hello May 👋

We are now OPEN for the 2023 season. Fully stocked & continuely stocking our shelves more & more as the days go on.

We aren't just a Garden Centre but a Farm Market as well. We carry a wide variety of goodies. Jams & Jellies, Meats, Pizza, Frozen Fruit, Sweet Treats, Fresh Ontario Produce when in season.

Our Garden Centre is full of vibrant blooms & lush greens. 🌱🪷

So are you on your way over to check it out ? Cause if you aren't you are seriously missing out 🫢

It is still a little cold outside to plant your gardens, usually as a rule of thumb after the May 2/4 weekend, the ground has warmed up & is ready to be planted.

Mind you we have a good variety of 'cold crop,' items that are good to be set outside now. But keep in mind anything in the Greenhouse hasn't been outside, you must climatize your plants by slowly introducing them to our crazy weather patterns.

I see sun & warm temperatures coming soon enough as the forecast is starting to look a little more promising. 🌡

But Hey, I get it, it's been a long Winter & you just can't wait any longer. So better to get here early, get those Garden ideas buzzin' 💡

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @freskiws to stay up too date & get a first hand look at stock, on the daily. 🤳

Thank you for you support folks, you all are truly rockstars, here's to the start of another season 🥂

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