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Keepin' Those Plants Happy 🌼☀️💧

Hey Folks,

Been a while, thought I'd write you a post all about our tips & tricks when it comes to keepin' our plant babies happy 😊

Plants like people require a whole bit of love & food because face it life is better with food 🙊

Here are some plant tips below to help keep those plants bloomin' all season long.

Be sure you know what type of plant you have because all are different, however these tips & tricks are general to all;

1. When watering you plants, water SLOWLY. If the water is flowing out the bottom of the basket the plant isn't absorbing the water the way it should. A slow and steady pace of water is best 💧

2. Watering early morning or late evening is best for plants before they take the heat of the day 🌄🌅

3. Fertilizing your plants is very important for the growth & blooming. We feed all of our plants here on the farm with a 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer, that is available for purchase at all of our locations. It's the 'blue magic,' as our customers refer to as 🩵

4. We recommend fertilizing your plants once a week if possible. On the farm here they are fertilized daily, which is why they are so massive. Fertilizing is very important and must be done properly, as you can over fertilize & that can be damaging to the plants 🪴

5. Plants must have moist soil before fertilizing to insure burning doesn't happen 🥹

6. Deadheading plants that need it is a must for new bloom growth such as geramiams, gerbera daisies, pansies, etc. Plants that dont require a deadheading are good with a good shake to help the blooms fall of quicker such as million bell petunias, scaevola, verbena, etc. 🌹

All plants are easy to take care of & with our little tips & tricks I'm sure you can keep those plants blooming all season long as they should. All they need is a little love & attention 💟

We've got faith in all you first time or long time gardeners out there, keep up the good work 👏

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