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Fresh Ontario Corn

Well Folks Summer is officially here !

Fresh Ontario Corn is now in season & we couldn't be happier, who else loves a good fresh Corn on the cob ?

If you've never bought Corn from any of our locations then I'm sorry to say, you're missing out. So believe me when I tell you to hurry your butts over here & enjoy it while you can. Fresh food like this is only available for such a short period of time in this Country, we gotta take advantage of our bountiful harvest here in Ontario.

But let's not forget thats not the only goodies you can find this time of year.

Wild Blueberries

Sweet Yellow & Red Plums



Field Tomatoes


... I could go on & on but I think you get the point

Our shelves are fully stocked with Fresh in daily produce from our very own farm in Coldwater, Ontario & from surrounding farms near & far here in our WONDERFUL Province.

Shopping Local & Supporting your Local Farmers is the most important thing you can do, our Farmers are our lifeline.

All locations are OPEN Daily, please refer to Google or our locations tab @ for more information on store hours & directions.

Nothing Beats Fresh Produce.

We are HAPPY to be here serving you quality produce all Summer long!

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1 Comment

Lucy Beckman
Lucy Beckman
Jul 23, 2022

July 23/22 Went to Freskiws at downtown market. Purchased 1qt. peas in pod, 2 qts strawberries, 1 qt. yellow beans, 1/2 dozen corn.......young man charged me $35. Didn't realize until I got home that I was overcharged. Also, whoever is picking the peas do not squeeze the pods to see if they are full!! Most of my pea pods were empty!! Just sayin'!!

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