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Welcome March. I'm ready for Spring!

Hey Freskiw Followers, Happy March!

Who else is ready for Spring?

March is a busy month here in the greenhouse. The sun attempts to make more appearances, temperatures begin to rise & plants start to grow.

Work never stops around here, many of you probably wonder, what we do during this time before the grand opening in May...

So I'm here to give you a little insight on just what's been going on these past few days.

Our succulents have all been planted and remain in the hottest part of the greenhouse where they will stay till May. Slower growers require a little extra heat & attention.

Thousands of baskets have been planted, wave petunias, million bell petunias, coleus, fuchsia, geraniums, just to name a few.

The first of the tomatoes were seeded down last week and are just starting to sprout.

Window boxes & wall bags are next on the agenda. These require a bit more time, from filling them both with soil which is time consuming, to thinking of flower combinations that go well together to ensure a beautiful planter come May.

With the change in rising temperatures comes with advantages and disadvantages. Advantages; the plants get all the sun they need to start growing. Disadvantage; the plants now require more water & fertilizer to be sure they grow properly.

Reaching a temperature of 80° in the greenhouse today it's safe to say Spring is on its way, just taking it's time, but all good things come to those who wait.

But seriously Spring, let's hurry up 🌱🌼

I'm curious to know what your favorite part of Spring is? Leave us a comment, drop us a dm, share & comment on our post on Instagram @freskiws #freskiws #myhappyplace

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paula burke
paula burke
Apr 01, 2022

Just wondering when the store at Kilworthy will be opening?

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